Downloading the same key results in different files

Healer64 Healer64 at
Tue Dec 12 02:44:10 CET 2017

Good call. I forgot about the signing keys and sure enough there were a few differences. Thanks.

>> Did they have the same signers?
>> Maybe in one case the key had extra signatures. That is the most common
>> reason for differences on a single key that I have seen.
>> Although if for instance the bigger one had an extra photo, that would
>> explain the difference, too.
>> Also note that although you can request it from "the same keyserver" (as
>> in the same hostname), you may actually be accessing a different server.
>> A host like may point to dozens of different
>> servers. And even if there is apparently a single one, there may be
>> several host balanced behind (although in that case it would be more
>> strange that their dbs differed significantly).
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