How to batch generate ECC key

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On 12/29/2017 04:53 PM, Rezart Qelibari für GnuPG wrote:
> - How did you find out the protocol names, especially the upper case „E“
> of „Ed25519“ and that „cv25519“ is actually named „Curve25519“? Although
> „gpg --expert --full-generate-key“ correctly states  „Curve 25519“, „gpg
> -k“ still yields „cv25519“. I find this behaviour very strange and unwisely.

The short answer is libgcrypt's cipher/ecc-curves.c , see line 45/46 for
mapping of shortnames to OIDs. Now, I agree this should at least be
case-insensitive, but there might be a feature request open for that
already :)

> - Why do the algorithm ids (22 for „Ed25519“ and 18 for „Curve25519“)
> not work?

Algorithm IDs are not directly tied to curves, so that would be more
related to Key-Type than Key-Curve (and corresponding subkey), not the OIDs.

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