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Sat Feb 4 05:39:11 CET 2017

On 2/3/2017 9:53 PM, MyCraigs List wrote:
> Thanks Antony.  I got the txt files of the secret keys.....I hope.  I wonder if there's a way to get the public, private and ID and associated email addresses all backed up into a nice neat txt file?

You could change:

gpg -a --export-secret-keys [key-id] > secret_key.txt


gpg -a --export-secret-keys [key-id] >> secret_key.txt

With this, it will append each successive key to the end of the text
file. Not the cleanest solution though. Daniel mentioned a tool meant
for this purpose called paperkey in his response. I've never used it but
it seems like it's definitely worth looking into if you want paper
backups. As he mentioned, typing in a key manually is a PITA, especially
if it has a lot of signatures and depending on the key length. The
public key is derived from the private key, so the private key(s) is/are
all you need since it contains all information associated with that key.


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