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> gnupg/agent/keyformat.txt

you mean here;a=blob_plain;f=agent/keyformat.txt <;a=blob_plain;f=agent/keyformat.txt> ?

The part i’m interested in should be this right?

** Shadowed Private Key Format

To keep track of keys stored on IC cards we use a third format for
private kyes which are called shadow keys as they are only a reference
to keys stored on a token:

    (n #00e0ce9..[some bytes not shown]..51#)
    (e #010001#)
    (shadowed protocol (info))
   (uri x-foo:whatever_you_want)
   (comment whatever)

The currently used protocol is "ti-v1" (token info version 1).  The
second list with the information has this layout:

(card_serial_number id_string_of_key fixed_pin_length)

FIXED_PIN_LENGTH is optional.  It can be used to store the length of
the PIN; a value of 0 indicates that this information is not
available.  The rationale for this field is that some pinpad equipped
readers don't allow passing a variable length PIN.

More items may be added to the list.

With this example

Key: (shadowed-private-key
    (n #00AA1AD2A55FD8C8FDE9E1941772D9CC903FA43B268CB1B5A1BAFDC900
    (e #00010001#)
    (shadowed t1-v1
     (#D2760001240102000005000011730000# OPENPGP.1)

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