Is NFC Appropriate?

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Fri Feb 10 00:49:15 CET 2017

So you weren't alike if you can do this (yes it works) rather you where
asking if you should ;-)

A hash of The message passes through near field magnetic induction which
does emit radio waves. Then a response is sent back containing the
description key for that message.  Perhaps someone here knows if a secure
channel is negotiated for this exchange. I'm guessing not.

With all such things it's useful to consider the overall situation for
yourself and decide if it protect against the threats that affect you.

My situation is fine with that risk, because there are easier ways to get
the key (rubber hoses and the usual discussion here)

Den tor. 9. feb. 2017 15.40 skrev Adam Sherman <adam at>:

> On 2017-02-09 11:15 AM, Adam Sherman wrote:
> > Is it reasonable and appropriate to use a sub-key on an NFC-capable
> > SmartCard, such as the YubiKey Neo[3], in conjunction with K9
> > Mail[4]?
> Re-reading my own post, I realize that I was not clear on my actual
> question. Let me rephrase:
> Is using an NFC Smart Card with a smart phone for PGP secure? What
> pitfalls exist?
> Thank you,
> A.
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