Aw: Re: SmartCard v2.1 : factory reset fails

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Thu Feb 16 03:48:45 CET 2017


Fib Moro <fibmoro at> wrote:
> I start gpg in "--edit-key" mode.
> Then I select a subkey I want to move to the card by issuing command "key 1".
> After the "keytocard" command it asks me where to store the key for which I choose option 1 signature key.
> It then prompts me for the privat key passphrase which I enter successfully.
> Now it asks me for AdminPIN. Again with default value "123456789" I get the message "gpg: KEYTOCARD failed: Bad secret key"
> Also the same issue occurs if I set the AdminPIN manually beforehand.
> _____________
> gpg> key 1
> ...
> gpg> keytocard
> Please select where to store the key:
>    (1) Signature key
>    (3) Authentication key
> Your selection? 1
> gpg: KEYTOCARD failed: Bad secret key
> ______________

Let us show more info about your key.  I'm afraid your key size
is not the one OpenPGP card supports.  I tested RSA-2048 with
OpenPGP card version 2.1, it works fine for me.

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