Problems with GPGME1.8 and Python 3.5 bindings

Justus Winter justus at
Thu Feb 16 15:27:11 CET 2017


Jean-François Schaff <jfschaff at> writes:

> Thank you Justus for your advice, I could fix that and use the lib
> from Python.


> I had not realized that both gpg and gpg2 are installed by default on
> Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

How is that related to your problem?

> Do you know if there is any plan to better document the python
> bindings in the GPGME doc?

Yes, there are plans.  There currently is no documentation, because we
wanted to find a solution that would cover GPGME as well as all
bindings.  Last year we spoke about that at one of our hackathons, and
decided to give Sphinx a shot.

> I may be able to help with that if needed.

Help is always needed.  However, the first step is to integrate Sphinx
in our build system.  If you feel up to that, great!  We'd need a DCO
From you.  If you wanted to write documentation, also great, but that is
not what we need right now.


PS: You wrote almost the same mail yesterday.  That is not helping...
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