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Things are getting clearer now, the fact is: subkeys are not related and
basically only the last generated is used. I missunderstood this step.
I need a Auth subkey on the smartcard becuase I've setup the server to
access ssh only via a key. If I'm not at my pc I can't access the server,
and this may be a problem. However, with a smartcard I may overcome the
problem by using any pc.
Probably is the same as having a ssh key stored on a usb and use it when
I'm not on my laptop (and throw it away afterward, just in case). but this
is outside the gpg list ;)

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> On Sunday 19 February 2017 at 2:58:56 PM, in
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> Goutte-Gattat wrote:-
> > Disclaimer: I am not advocating such a setup, that I
> > don't even actually use.
> I use that setup. Last I heard, message recipients who use
> Enigmail/Thunderbird only see the verification result of one of the
> signatures. Which one they see depends on the order of the two
> local-user lines in my gpg.conf file, so if I have them in the "wrong"
> order an Enigmail/Thunderbird user whose GnuPG is not version 2.1.x
> will not see report of a valid signature.
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