Announcing to backup keys as QR codes on paper

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Wed Feb 22 20:51:22 CET 2017

On February 21, 2017 9:34:17 AM EST, "Gerd v. Egidy" <gerd.von.egidy at> wrote:
>I'd like to announce a program I wrote to backup GnuPG and SSH keys as 
>qrcodes on paper:

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your work. As for paperkey, I have an RSA 4096 bit key. Without paperkey, the output for my key was around 23-24 pages. With paperkey (using base64 output), the output was around 19 pages, so the benefit was minimal. Also, the first time I tried, the decode process kept failing on one barcode from the output pdf, but I re-encoded it and tried again and the decode process verified correctly. The ability of zbar to process the images directly from the pdf was impressive IMO.
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