Announcing to backup keys as QR codes on paper

Gerd v. Egidy gerd.von.egidy at
Thu Feb 23 13:36:53 CET 2017

> You might consider using a font designed for OCR rather than the current
> font.

I tried to change to OCR-B or Inconsolata

but getting that to work with enscript is not easy, as you have to find and 
install afm and pfb into the correct directories. This goes a lot deeper than 
just installing packages provided by whatever disto you are using.

So I think that this would move the bar for a possible user of 
higher than I want to.
> Additionally, base64 has look-alike characters, and the only checksum is
> for the whole key. So if it says "checksum failed" you've only learned
> that factoid. A checksum per line would be better, so you can say
> "checksum failed in line n".

Can you recommend a tool to create a short checksum (crc32?) for each line? 

Ideally it is a tool or combination of tools already deployed widely, like sed 
and sort I used in paperrestore. This would make the checksums still usable 
even when the source to isn't available anymore.

Kind regards,


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