exported subkey usage?

Lou Wynn lewisurn at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 22:29:50 CET 2017


I created a master key and two subkeys with one subkey being signing and
the other encryption. I then exported the two subkeys only.

However, when I used pgpdump to inspect packet types, both subkeys are
been marked as "RSA Encrypt or Sign (pub 1)." When I used another
program whose backend is BouncyCastle's PGP engine, the program cannot
tell which subkey is for what.

I deleted the key in my keyring and used GPG2 to import the two subkeys
back. To my surprise, they are correctly marked as [S] and [E].

What is going on here? Does GPG2 use some special way to mark the usage
of a subkey? How can I make it interchangeable with other programs?

I've attached the master key and the two subkeys to this letter so that
you can inspect them (I made up other info just for testing, so don't
worry about it). The OneMasterTwoSubkey has the master key with two
subkeys, and the other only has the subkeys. The passphrase is "1".


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