gpg-agent has to be restarted after GnuPG SmartCard pulled from reader

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Fri Jan 6 10:06:40 CET 2017

Hi Werner,

thanks for your reply.
I was under the impression the OmniKey 3121 is a real reader since it is
on the how to [1].

What would be a good alternative bevore I buy another bad one.

And I have problems understanding how the issue is connected to the key

The Problem as I see it from user perspective:
Everything works fine with my 4096 RSA keys (agent, Card access,
en/decryption/authentication) until I pull the card.
When I insert it it again pcscd knows of it but the agent somehow does
not "retry".
I kill the agent (which also kills the scdaemon ) and then everything is
fine again.
Seems unrelated to key length since the general access does not work.

I'm happy to provide some logs.

best regards


p.s. in the meantime a made a script which tails the scdaemon.log and
waits for "Removal of a card:"
and then kills the gpg-agent. Not a proper solution - but working so far.


> Omnikey readers simply don't work correctly with 2k keys or larger.  Get
> a real reader and not that messy hardware which needs its proprietary
> Windows driver to work correctly which standard key lengths.
> Salam-Shalom,
>    Werner

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