Renewing expired keys

Lachlan Gunn lachlan at
Wed Jan 18 13:29:33 CET 2017

Le 2017-01-18 à 22:48, Miroslav Rovis a écrit :
> On 170115-22:17+0100, Juan Miguel Navarro Martínez wrote:
> ...
>> Lastly, revoke the old one if you aren't going to use it publicly anymore.
> Isn't is wrong to revoke a key which you don't consider was compromised?
> If you don't want to use it, it suffices that it is expired, or?

No, compromise is only one reason---there are lots of reason-codes that
can go into the revocation packet, and compromise is only one.
Specificially, "superseded" is such a reason.

Otherwise, if you switch to a new key, people won't know that your old
one is no longer in use.


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