Did I break my Ubuntu GPG installation?

Stefan Boehringer stefan.boehringer at posteo.de
Wed Jan 18 15:41:31 CET 2017

Damien Goutte-Gattat <dgouttegattat at incenp.org> writes:

>> I don't know why so much is stated as "unbekannt = unknown"...
> It looks like you didn't save and restore your trust database when you
> deleted your .gnupg folder (it's a file called trustdb.gpg). As a
> result, GnuPG does not know what level of ownertrust should be
> assigned to your key.
> Your own key should normally be "ultimately trusted", and is the root
> from which all key validity computation are done. Without an
> ultimately trusted key, no key can be valid.
>> What could I do?
> Editing your key and manually setting its ownertrust to "ultimate"
> (using the "trust" command in the key editor) should be enough.
> Hope that helps,

Thank you Damien for your suggestion. I set trust to ultimate, but still
the "no valid OpenPGP-Data" error occurs.

> Damien

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