Counterarguments Supporting GnuPG over Off The Record (OTR)

Miroslav Rovis miro.rovis at
Fri Jan 20 07:10:37 CET 2017

On 170119-11:13-0500, Jean-David Beyer wrote:
> On 01/19/2017 04:06 AM, Stephan Beck wrote:
> > 15-20 years from now, OpenPGP will have expired and be a case of study
> > for computer historians.
> > 
> I agree. 20 years from now, we will all be using telepathy, and the
> telephone and Internet will be redundant. Without electromagnetic
> communication, and without paper communication, we will be unable to
> encrypt anything. Will there be an equivalent to OpenPGP that works with
> telepathy?

You probably meant:
> ...Without electromagnetic
> communication, without paper communication, we will be *able* to
> encrypt anything. Will there be an equivalent to OpenPGP that works with
> telepathy?

Oh, c'mon! "We will be gods!" is a really old argument! But it has never
made it, never will, nor it could. There's a Perfection infinitely
greater than us, and to that Living Perfection we will never ever be
equal to. Not even close to, not for the most miopic of minds!

Pls. just first do make one single hair on your head turn another color
with your own mind!

Then we might talk!

Besides, the argument in this thread misses on the evil of the
communication of today, and that evil is posed to only grow: the
wholesale spying, you know, like the Schmoog the Schmoogle does, like
the NSA and likely every single other, be it small, be it large, secret
state subject of the kind. The spying on all and everybody, or, if you
prefer euphemisms: mass surveillance, bulk data collection.

We're already half-slaves because you are not free if you are controled,
and (since the huge spying is about acting, where needed, on the
information collected, spying is not just about some only and purely
insane curiosity)...

And we all are controled, exception, to varying extent, being only the
very advanced among us that people like GnuPG developers enpower, to
whom my thanks go!

But I agree that it's unpredictable where the road will take us...

Although some limits will always be there, and at the Will of the
Perfection that rules, unseen by the miopic views of the subjects that
do not want to admit they are not, and can't be, and never will be gods,
in the sense of complete control, say, of even their own lives, let
alone any wider reality around their lives.

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia
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