Counterarguments Supporting GnuPG over Off The Record (OTR)

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>> And we all are controled, exception, to varying
>> extent,
> We are all completely controlled in modern society: we are enslaved to
> money and those who control it.

And sometimes even organizations that in theory should help you against
surveillance don't do it. When I discovered that my phone has been
wiretapped by measuring with a dedicated bug detector (German make and
model, and recording that measurement on video) I officially informed
the police who didn't do anything except telling me I should hand in a
proof/evidence. I did - the video of the measurement where you can
clearly see and hear the sharp reaction of the bug detector. They didn't
want to anything, not an on-site control measurement either, as another
lawyer had told me they are obliged to.

When, shortly after that,  I told a lawyer to have insight into the
records of the investigations, he did that, showed me the records, and
didn't do anything, he told me for instance, that the police would only
perform a control measurement if their own undercover agents are in
danger! And that I'd need the expertise of a dedicated engineer doing an
analysis for I don't know how many bucks! No, the bug detector doesn't
lie and he does not measure cheese or ham but the signals of , for
instance, radio emitting devices. He even silenced the fact (as I now
was informed by the State Prosecutor, if I believe this information)
that by the time I had the meeting with him for the insight into the
records, the case had already been rejected for further investigation
and dropped. Or that information is not true, because this lawyer
actually told me in person he would inform me when he received any
information. Strange.
When I sent an encrypted email to about nine months
ago, telling them that I had evidence and asking for help in finding a
good lawyer who would act (I have a specialized legal insurance), I got
a "sorry, we can't help you but we wish you success". Thanks a lot.

From that time on, I know that organizations like Digitalcourage are
just interested in THEIR protagonism for THEIR topics like the mass
storage of data. They couldn't or didn't want to help me as an
individual who had found out (by measurement) that someone was/is
wiretapping me, but they positively could have given me the contact data
of a specialized lawyer they knew (with more than 30 years of
existence). I also signed their petition against mass storage of
communications data in Germany and saw that they must have contacts to
lawyers, as I already had thought. I have held my deception about them
deep in my heart, but now could not withstand to stand up and speak out.

It was not my imagination, it was a MEASURING DEVICE that states that
there has been wiretapping of my phone line. And there is this video
file that leaves you with no doubt...

Whenever I feel like repeating it, I'll do that and I'll inform once
again the police (or the media) and so on... THAT is fighting against
surveillance, not (only) signing petitions.



Feel free to contact me if you'd like to have that video file ...

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