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Andrew Gallagher andrewg at
Thu Jan 26 01:16:42 CET 2017

On 2017/01/25 21:07, sivmu wrote:
> Anyways ssllabs shows a warning that the website will be degraded 
> from A to C in a month. Not sure that matters all that much, but if 
> there is an oppertunity to change the available ciphers at some 
> point...

I've looked into this and I'm not sure why ssllabs is degrading from A-
to C. There is a link to the blog post in the results page, but the post
appears to say that the grade will *not* be reduced. I quote:

> we’ll be modifying our grading criteria to penalise sites that 
> negotiate 3DES with TLS 1.1 and newer protocols. Such sites will
> have their scores capped at C. Sites that continue to support 3DES
> and keep it at the end of their ordered list of suites will not be 
> affected (for now). *does* keep 3DES at the end of the supported suites, so surely
it should not be affected. I'm tempted to write this off as a
mistake by ssllabs.


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