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Andreas Heinlein aheinlein at
Thu Jul 6 12:30:55 CEST 2017


I am currently taking first steps using GPGME with the Python interface.
I am facing two questions:

1.) I'm looking for a way to get the recipients of encrypted data which
I can not/do not want to decrypt. I.e. a message for which I do not have
the private key. Enigmail tells me "This message was encrypted for ..."
in such cases, and the gpg command line does the same. Is this possible
with GPGME? Calling 'decrypt' just raises a GPGMEError in this case and
does not return a result.

2.) Is there a way to safely distinguish "User clicked cancel when asked
for the passphrase" from other errors? I think an application should
abort silently in this case, but I'm getting another GPGMEError without
any clue to the reason.

I wonder if these are just problems with the python interface or if the
functionality is missing from libgpgme. I am currently using gpgme 1.8.0
because that's what is packaged with Debian 9, but if you tell me I need
to upgrade, I will ;-)


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