How to NOT gnutar files during encryption?

Einar Ryeng einarr at
Wed Jul 19 10:35:45 CEST 2017


On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 04:30:13PM -0500, helices wrote:
> After many hours troubleshooting, I discovered that the decrypted "zip"
> file is actually inside a TAR file!
> Further investigation reveals that Kleopatra is gnuTARring the ZIP file
> prior to encryption.
> How can this new client NOT gnutar files, and still properly encrypt the
> ZIP file?
> What are we missing?

Sounds like either a bug or a somewhat stupid default setting in Kleopatra
(which I have never used). A workaround on the receiving end could be to detect
that the file is a tar file and unpack it before further processing.

Something like this:


if [[ "$FILE_MIMETYPE" =~ "$FILENAME: application/x-tar; charset=binary" ]]
    tar xvf $FILENAME

As usual, du NOT run code from random people on the Internet.

Einar Ryeng

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