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> The single point of failure stops being a passphrase used across
> multiple keys; it becomes the password required to open the password
> manager that protects the multiple passphrases.

I already use a password manager. I use 'pass'. Most my keys are
generated with `pwgen -s` (for some reason I prefer it to pass own
generator). All told, I have 83 password file entries
in .password-store/.

But these are non essential passwords. Forums, internet services, etc.
You must understand, I use old systems that I maintain for 10 years or
more. Despite backups there is always the fear that I might one day
lose this central password storage. So essential passwords are created
differently; GnuPG keys, my 2 main email addresses, system boot,
banking, taxes website, CC pin,... this world is not an easy place to
live in.

They do too have their entries on the password store, of course. But
they must be committed to memory too. As such, for these type of
passwords, you understand that a password manager acts simply as an
unreliable backup store and not and not as a management tool. 

Sinceramente / Best regards,

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