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On Wed, 31 May 2017 19:34, ankostis at said:

> More detailed, from the three standards supported, only the last one,
> XML-sig, supports PGP:

That looks pretty much like a re-specification of PKCS#15 which also has
provisions for PGP and SPKI.  However, I have never seen an
implementation of that and the whole spec is heavily underspecified to
actually implement something based on this.  PKCS#15 at least tried to
unify existing protocols for tokens. 

|  >>I have some questions related to XML-Dsig:
|  >
|  >Argghh!! Run away!
|  A near-universal reaction.

XML crypto can be summarized as
See also <>

If someone really likes that stuff and want to give it a try, I would
suggest to write it along the lines of GnuPG's gpgsm tool so that it has
a similar external interface.  Adding this tool to GPGME would then be
the simple part.



ps. I already have my share of grey hair from implementing X.509/CMS.
    There is not enough left for an XML crypto endeavor.

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