scdaemon coredumps

Yuriy M. Kaminskiy yumkam at
Sat Jun 3 16:32:21 CEST 2017

On 31.05.2017 04:12, NIIBE Yutaka wrote:
> "Yuriy M. Kaminskiy" <yumkam at> wrote:
>> When I tried to rebuild gnupg2 2.1.21-2 debian package from
>> experimental in pbuilder, I got a number of sigsegv's from scdaemon
>> while running tests:
> [...]
>> Annoyingly, test-suite does not catch this as error, it has not left any
>> core, and name of executable was masked, so after twiddling here and
>> there, I got core and discovered that scdaemon dies when it tries to use
>> libusb after libusb intiialization failed:
> There are two things here.  The selection of default key by gpg frontend
> was not good.  It was fixed in:
>      fbb2259d22e6c6eadc2af722bdc52922da348677
>      g10: Fix default-key selection for signing, possibly by card.

FTR, gnupg2 2.1.21-2 already contained backported patch

I also cherry-picked fbb2259d22e6c6eadc2af722bdc52922da348677 on top of it.

> And by your report, scdaemon core dump is fixed in:
>     5c33649782bf255af5a55f16eac5e85f059b00bf
>     scd: Handle a failure of libusb_init.
>     8defb21d34410d000c8b776e0e3a1edd04762638
>     scd: Fix error code on failure at usb_init.

... and I added those 2 commits; but as a result, package build freezes
at executing test-suite.

Last lines at logs are:

=== cut ===
Checking signing with the default hash algorithm
     > plain-1 Executing: '/build/gnupg2-2.1.21/build/g10/gpg' 
'--no-permission-warning' '--always-trust' '--output' 
'/tmp/gpgscm-20170603T111800-sigs-Dzwfcp/a' '--yes' '--sign' 'plain-1'
Child 17700 returned: ((command ("/build/gnupg2-2.1.21/build/g10/gpg" 
--no-permission-warning --always-trust --output 
"/tmp/gpgscm-20170603T111800-sigs-Dzwfcp/a" --yes --sign "plain-1")) 
(status 0) (stdout ) (stderr ))
Executing: '/build/gnupg2-2.1.21/build/g10/gpg' 
'--no-permission-warning' '--always-trust' '--output' 
'/tmp/gpgscm-20170603T111801-sigs-OXvubo/a' '--yes' '--decrypt' 
Child 17704 returned: ((command ("/build/gnupg2-2.1.21/build/g10/gpg" 
--no-permission-warning --always-trust --output 
"/tmp/gpgscm-20170603T111801-sigs-OXvubo/a" --yes --decrypt 
"/tmp/gpgscm-20170603T111800-sigs-Dzwfcp/a")) (status 0) (stdout ) 
(stderr gpg: Signature made Sat Jun  3 11:18:01 2017 UTC
gpg:                using DSA key A0FF4590BB6122EDEF6E3C542D727CC768697734
gpg: Good signature from "Alfa Test (demo key) <alfa at>" [unknown]
gpg:                 aka "Alpha Test (demo key) <alpha at>" 
gpg:                 aka "Alice (demo key)" [unknown]
gpg: WARNING: Using untrusted key!
plain-2 Executing: '/build/gnupg2-2.1.21/build/g10/gpg' 
'--no-permission-warning' '--always-trust' '--output' 
'/tmp/gpgscm-20170603T111801-sigs-buAUIY/a' '--yes' '--sign' 'plain-2'
=== cut ===

gdb attach to gpg:
(gpg --no-permission-warning --always-trust --output 
/tmp/gpgscm-20170603T111801-sigs-buAUIY/a --yes --sign plain-2)

(gdb) bt
#0  0xf74b182e in __read_nocancel () at 
#1  0xf757ff00 in __assuan_read ()
#2  0xf7577767 in ?? ()
#3  0xf75806f7 in ?? ()
#4  0xf7578c61 in ?? ()
#5  0xf7578e1f in ?? ()
#6  0xf7578399 in assuan_client_read_response ()
#7  0xf757874d in ?? ()
#8  0xf7578885 in assuan_transact ()
#9  0x5668fe2a in start_agent (flag_for_card=2, ctrl=<optimized out>)
     at ../../g10/call-agent.c:295
#10 0x56690c10 in agent_scd_serialno (r_serialno=0xffd6e584, demand=0x0)
     at ../../g10/call-agent.c:1029
#11 0x5666785b in build_sk_list (ctrl=0x56ea1458, locusr=0x0,
     ret_sk_list=0xffd6e708, use=1) at ../../g10/skclist.c:141
#12 0x5666eac7 in sign_file (ctrl=0x56ea1458, filenames=0x56ea1488,
     detached=0, locusr=0x0, encryptflag=0, remusr=0x0, outfile=0x0)
     at ../../g10/sign.c:814
#13 0x56621428 in main (argc=1, argv=0xffd6ec24) at ../../g10/gpg.c:4115

gdb attach to gpg-agent:
(gpg-agent --homedir /tmp/gpgscm-XXX-run-tests-YYY 
--use-standard-socket --debug-quick-random --daemon)

#0  __call_pselect6 () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/i386/call_pselect6.S:49
#1  0xf75bbda3 in __pselect (nfds=8, readfds=0xff98bf5c, writefds=0x0,
     exceptfds=0x0, timeout=0xff98bd30, sigmask=0xf767e200)
     at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/i386/../pselect.c:77
#2  0xf767be15 in npth_pselect ()
#3  0x565babf7 in handle_connections (listen_fd=-6767128, 
     listen_fd_browser=5, listen_fd_ssh=6) at ../../agent/gpg-agent.c:2961
#4  0x565b7407 in main (argc=0, argv=0xff98c284)
     at ../../agent/gpg-agent.c:1730

gdb attach to scdaemon (which was launched by gpg-agent):
scdaemon --multi-server --homedir /tmp/gpgscm-XXX-run-tests-YYY
#0  __call_pselect6 () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/i386/call_pselect6.S:49
#1  0xf7503da3 in __pselect (nfds=4, readfds=0xffa51b58, writefds=0x0,
     exceptfds=0x0, timeout=0x0, sigmask=0xf75e6200)
     at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/i386/../pselect.c:77
#2  0xf75e3e15 in npth_pselect ()
#3  0x566521e8 in handle_connections (listen_fd=-514)
     at ../../scd/scdaemon.c:1318
#4  0x5665143a in main (argc=0, argv=0xffa51e44) at ../../scd/scdaemon.c:787

changed nothing (test-suite freezes).

And, finally, (likely) culprit: after I backed out

=== cut ===
From: Simon Arlott <simon at>
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2017 16:31:35 -0500
Subject: g10: Skip signing keys where no secret key is available.

* g10/getkey.c (finish_lookup): When requiring PUBKEY_USAGE_SIG, skip
over keys where no signing key is available.
GnuPG-bug-id: 1967
Debian-bug-id: 834922

Signed-off-by: Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg at>
=== cut ===

test-suite passed without problems. So, this debian-specific patch 
apparently conflicts with some changes in 2.1.21 (and it was not 
noticed, as it was masked by scdaemon silent crashes).


Environment: debian jessie/i386 
cowbuilder(->pbuilder(->chroot)), with also jessie/i386.

Libraries used for build:
1) libassuan-dev [2.4.3-2~bpo8+1 (jessie-backports)]
2) libassuan0 [2.4.3-2~bpo8+1 (jessie-backports)]
3) libgcrypt20-dev [1.7.6-1~bpo8+1 (jessie-backports)]
4) libgpg-error-dev [1.26-2~bpo8+1 (jessie-backports)]
5) libksba-dev [1.3.5-2~bpo8+1 (jessie-backports)]
6) libksba8 [1.3.5-2~bpo8+1 (jessie-backports)]
7) libnpth0 [1.3-1~bpo8+1.1~local1 (jessie-local)]
8) libnpth0-dev [1.3-1~bpo8+1.1~local1 (jessie-local)]

>> With patch below, it just freezes at
>> === cut ===
>> ...
>> PASS: tests/openpgp/decrypt-unwrap-verify.scm
>> Checking signing with the default hash algorithm
>>        > plain-1 plain-2 <<< [here]
>> === cut ===
>> Have no idea why.
> I don't know what's going here.  Let's see...

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