How to join pubring.kbx and pubring.gpg?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Fri Jun 16 11:29:10 CEST 2017

On 16/06/17 10:27, Binarus wrote:
> [...] or if the whole software / data exchange protocol depends on
> the sort of key. In other words, even if I would manage to extract
> the key and to integrate it into the Enigmail / gpg4win world, would
> the communication partner be able to decrypt the respective
> messages?

This. It serves no purpose other than to confuse, to send someone who
doesn't use OpenPGP an OpenPGP message. People using X.509 certificates
for e-mail will probably expect S/MIME messages, which while potentially
using RSA just as OpenPGP can use, are distinctly different from OpenPGP

> This does not make much sense since there is a strong trend among the
> big companies to provide only PGP certificates instead of PGP keys.

This is phrased wrong. Actually, what many people call OpenPGP keys are
more accurately called OpenPGP certificates. But X.509 certificates are
not OpenPGP certificates in any sense. They both potentially use RSA.
But RSA is an algorithm, giving computation rules for numbers. RSA is
not a data format or standard for message exchange. That would be
OpenPGP or S/MIME, which do not interoperate. And, by the way, don't
even necessarily use RSA at all, it's just a common option.

I hope this makes it more clear to you.



I use the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) in combination with Enigmail.
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