Using gpg for ssh (Maximum Portability)

Christopher Jones christopher.donald.jones at
Sun Jun 18 03:48:17 CEST 2017

I recently setup my GPG keys on yubikey. I carry it around and its pretty
great. One of the ways I use these keys is to ssh into various systems.
While the hardware is portable the system is a little more difficult.

It's a task to setup gpg on new boxes: Import pub key, ultimately trust my
key, and muck around with gpg and ssh agents.

Are there ways people on this list have found to make using PGP for ssh
more portable? Any shortcuts for scripting some of this nonsense out, or a
any way to carry what you need on a single hardware device like a yubikey?

I use fedora, Redd Hat, and windows with cygwin primarily,

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