Help Needed: I am able to decrypt file when I run package manually but when I run through sql sever agent, it is not decrypting.

Pankaj Kumar. Chaurasia Pankaj.Chaurasia at
Fri Mar 10 10:23:33 CET 2017

Hello Gnupg Users,

I am writing this mail regarding the issue facing to decrypt file through my SSIS Package.

Below is the command I am using:

gpg2.exe --batch --yes --status-fd 2 --passphrase-fd 0 --armor --output E:\File.csv --decrypt E:\File.pgp

When I run my SSIS package manually through visual studio it is decrypting the file properly. When I deploying the package on the same machine it is not decrypting. After spending to much time I come to know that the reason behind this is, I have imported the public key using command line, so it is imported for my user as I login on that machine with my windows user. But SQL Server agent job runs with MSSQL Agent Service account so I need to import the key for that service account.

Could you guys please let me know how to import the public key for that account as I cannot login with that Service account.

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks & Regards,

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