Is the header file gpgme.h complete?

Marcel Wagner marcel.wagner at
Fri Mar 10 23:34:14 CET 2017

I try to generate a language binding for the gpgme library from the 
gpgme.h header file.

The generator creates a binding from the header file, but it seems that 
some functions are missing. For example the context functions are 
missing. I checked the gpgme.h file and with my old C/C++ know how, it 
seems there are forward declarations, for example gpgme_context, but the 
struct is never defined? I looked at the source code of the gpgme lib 
and find this struct in a context.h header file, but this is not 
included in gpgme.h? My question is now, is the gpgme.h file complete? 
Or is there something missing?

Thanks for your help.


Marcel Wagner

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