ADMIN: Some mail addresses are now rewritten (was: Test mail from Outlook)

antony at antony at
Sun Mar 12 18:09:28 CET 2017

On March 11, 2017 12:27:25 PM EST, Werner Koch <wk at> wrote:

>The reason for this is that some mail sites now have a DMARC reject
>policy which leads to a bounce for all subscribers whose mail provider
>honors this DMARC policy - for example gmail.  After a few bounces
>message delivery to those subscribers will blocked by our Mailman.

I noticed I was having issues with mail from mailing lists when I specified a DMARC reject policy for my domain, so I ended up changing it to unspecified for the time being to allow the receiver to decide how to deal with a DMARC failure. Not ideal, but DMARC (and DKIM signing for that matter) and mailing lists don't play nice together.

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