Security doubts on 3DES default

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Mar 14 21:54:52 CET 2017

> Apart from that, as GnuPG is in a kind of symbiosis with
> OpenPGP/RFC4880, I think it's important to discuss this on this mailing
> list (as well).

So long as you understand GnuPG will not make any changes that break RFC
conformance... and dropping SHA1/3DES breaks RFC conformance.

> I agree with you, we have better options than 3DES so we should switch
> to better ciphers as soon as possible.

Everyone agrees.  GnuPG for many years has defaulted to AES.  3DES
exists for RFC conformance.  We've migrated away from 3DES as far as we
can; any further requires a change to the RFC.

> I think it's a question of time till 3DES is broken

This opinion is not shared by the cryptanalytic community as a whole.
We are nowhere near a break in 3DES.

> As mentioned, I'll try to reach them. The support from the GnuPG
> community, on this topic, would be appreciated.

We're already in the working group trying to push this forward.

> Where have you found this information? I only found this draft[0] which
> still contains 3DES and SHA-1.

The WG has a mailing list where these things are discussed.  Also, many
WG members have private asides with other WG members.

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