Trouble installing Version 2.1 on Debian Jessie

Peter Lebbing peter at
Mon May 1 11:07:31 CEST 2017

On 30/04/17 20:04, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> Perhaps your pinning in apt-preferences is interfering with the -t
> option, because I think the -t option should promote dependencies to be
> downloaded from the specified suite as well.

Silly me. These dependencies are not to be found in experimental, so the
-t option will do you no good. Experimental is a bit special; it does
not contain a complete suite but only a few packages. If you would have
specified a full suite like stretch or sid, it can find its dependencies

Still, just resolving all dependencies manually with aptitude's visual
mode is something that will always work. Since the whole idea of a
FrankenDebian is to use as few body parts from different suites as
possible, it shouldn't be a lot of manual labor.

Oh, mark dependencies as automatically installed with the M key (capital
m) when you install them. So press + to install, and them immediately
press Shift-M to mark it as auto. That way, they will be automatically
be removed if nothing still depends on them.

I agree that usually a FrankenDebian is a bad idea. You run a real risk
of breaking library dependencies[1], or confusing the APT system. Still,
I do it myself anyway, but only on desktops where breakage is not a
catastrophe. I can't recommend it, but I also won't say "oh, you
definitely shouldn't do that". It depends on your skill and willingness
to suffer breakage.



[1] Packages built in stretch and sid are compiled against the -dev
packages in those distributions, but its dependencies might be met by
packages in stable. This means the library built against is different
than the library that is loaded at runtime.

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