gpg hangs when asking for passphrase

Peter Lebbing peter at
Tue May 9 17:19:23 CEST 2017

On 09/05/17 15:32, Joey Morris wrote:
> Thanks Peter, I think this is indeed related to the systemd user sessions. Just
> to clarify, did you solve your problem by disabling the systemd units, or did
> you end up getting it working with them?

I removed the following symlinks (format: destination - space - symlink):

usr/lib/systemd/user/gpg-agent-browser.socket usr/lib/systemd/user/
usr/lib/systemd/user/gpg-agent-extra.socket usr/lib/systemd/user/
usr/lib/systemd/user/gpg-agent-ssh.socket usr/lib/systemd/user/
usr/lib/systemd/user/gpg-agent.socket usr/lib/systemd/user/
usr/lib/systemd/user/dirmngr.socket /usr/lib/systemd/user/

(To be exact, I prevented them from being installed in the first place.)

So I don't use the user session functionality. In Debian jessie, there also is 
no package dbus-user-session to install in the first place.

> I have a working setup now, which is my top priority, although I'm also
> interested in figuring out why the default method isn't working. But perhaps
> that's more of a question for Debian.

It's a question /I/ can't answer, but Daniel Kahn Gillmor is probably the one 
who introduced the functionality and he also frequents this mailing list.



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