Newbie can't get --passphrase option to work

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On 05/12/2017 04:15 PM, Ryk McDorman wrote:
> I've done a thorough search for a solution for this, but haven't come up with much: a vague reference to a bug in 2.1.x that may have to do with it, and at the end of my day yesterday I came across someone who used the "--pinentry-mode loopback" option. Interestingly, when I add that to my command, it DOES decrypt one file without prompting me, but then inexplicably stops. (My program logic is fine, as without the -pinentry option, it prompts me once for each file and decrypts each file.)  I haven't yet had time to investigate that option; it's my next action but I've literally been working on this for days now and needed to send out a plea for help!

And here you discuss it :p .. yes, pinentry-mode loopback is necessary
for 2.1 use of --passphrase-fd and the likes , in earlier versions of
2.1 this requires allow-pinentry-loopback for the gpg-agent but in
recent versions that is defaulted to on.

Can you provide the information when this argument is used and the
scenario that fails including explicit error messages?

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