Newbie can't get --passphrase option to work

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Thanks for the quick confirmation that I need to use --pinentry-mode loopback. I reviewed my program and found that I'd forgotten that I'd inserted an Exit statement (to troubleshoot something else), and that's what was causing only the first decryption to work. So, problem resolved!  Thanks again.


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On 05/12/2017 04:15 PM, Ryk McDorman wrote:
> I've done a thorough search for a solution for this, but haven't come up with much: a vague reference to a bug in 2.1.x that may have to do with it, and at the end of my day yesterday I came across someone who used the "--pinentry-mode loopback" option. Interestingly, when I add that to my command, it DOES decrypt one file without prompting me, but then inexplicably stops. (My program logic is fine, as without the -pinentry option, it prompts me once for each file and decrypts each file.)  I haven't yet had time to investigate that option; it's my next action but I've literally been working on this for days now and needed to send out a plea for help!

And here you discuss it :p .. yes, pinentry-mode loopback is necessary for 2.1 use of --passphrase-fd and the likes , in earlier versions of
2.1 this requires allow-pinentry-loopback for the gpg-agent but in recent versions that is defaulted to on.

Can you provide the information when this argument is used and the scenario that fails including explicit error messages?

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