command 'LEARN' failed: No inquire callback in IPC

Dustin Rogers dustincr at
Tue May 16 15:26:40 CEST 2017

Hi Mr. Yutaka:

Thank you for your input and all the dev work you have done.

This is a cloud environment so I dont have the luxury of physical access to a usb port. I do not leverage libusb because this is using network attached Safenet Luna SA HSM (gemalto brand) PKCS11 smart card provider.

I just gave the native scdaemon a try. It doesnt seem to recognize this card provider at all.

ERR 100663404 Card error <SCD>

In fact the native support for smart cards does not seem to support network attached HSM "virtual tokens" devices at all. It could be possible that I need to specify the local port the installed HSM agent is running on, but I dont think I will be that lucky.

Perhaps I could help build the support into the native scdaemon, but you are an expert at this, so I dont want to come off rude.  I know the work isnt simple.

I have this  other scdaemon (gnupg-pkcs11-scd) working fine with gnupg 2.0, but with manual pinentry for each operation. I cant get it working with gnupg 2.1. (again, I am looking for the unattended pinentry support the later version seems to have) Thus, I really dont think this is an issue with the scdaemon I am using. Moreover, I can see the INQUIRE PIN callback is there, the pinentry is just not appearing. Really I would like to understand why the gpg-connect-agent is allowing the pin call back through, and the gpg-agent itself is not?

Thank you,
-Dustin Rogers

Here is my config file thus far for native scdaemon:

#Debug Level
debug-level guru
#Smartcard Provider SO object
pcsc-driver /usr/lib/
#pcsc-driver /usr/lib/
log-file scdaemon.log
#card-timeout 1

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"Rogers, Dustin" <Dustin.Rogers at> wrote:
> I have recently installed gnupg 2.1.20 from source on a centos6.8 box.

What's the configure option?  Did you enable smart card support with

> [root at system1 ~]# gpg --card-edit
> gpg-agent[5158]: DBG: chan_8 -> OK Pleased to meet you, process 5159
> gpg-agent[5158]: DBG: chan_9 <- OK PKCS#11 smart-card server for GnuPG ready

This is not the scdaemon from GnuPG.

Please install scdaemon of GnuPG and try again with that.

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