Did exit codes change in 2.1.21?

Philip Jocks pjlists at netzkommune.com
Thu May 18 09:10:59 CEST 2017


we're using duply/duplicity with gnupg on FreeBSD and upgraded a few machines to gnupg 2.1.21 yesterday. That made the backups stop working, as some selftest doesn't work.
Running this:

echo "passphrase" | gpg --sign --default-key AAAAAAAA --passphrase-fd 0 --batch -r AAAAAAAA -r BBBBBBBB -r CCCCCCCC -r DDDDDDDD --status-fd 1 --pinentry-mode=loopback --compress-algo=bzip2 --bzip2-compress-level=9 -o /tmp/duply.2979.1495090227_ENC -e /usr/local/bin/duply ; echo $?

on 2.1.20 returns 0 and on 2.1.21, it now returns 2

I posted this message on the duply/duplicty mailing list, but given that gpg's exit code changed, it's probably not a problem in duply:


What seems to be "new" in the 2.1.21 output is

gpg: error getting version from 'scdaemon': Not supported

We don't build the FreeBSD port with SCDAEMON support. To verify, we built it for one box with SCDAEMON support, but the error is still the same.

Is there anything else we can try?



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