GnuPG public key vulnerability?

Fraser Tweedale frase at
Wed Nov 1 03:00:36 CET 2017

On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 08:10:45PM -0400, murphy wrote:
> I got a signed notification from facebook (good signature, enigmail)
> that claims my GnuPG generated public key has a "recently disclosed
> vulnerability".  This is the full text:
> We have detected that the OpenPGP key on your Facebook profile may be
> susceptible to attacks due to a recently disclosed vulnerability.  We
> recommend that you revoke and replace your public key immediately to
> minimize the risk to your encrypted communications.  You can update your
> public key by visiting your Security and Login settings.  To help reduce
> the risk of your key being attacked, we have set the privacy of your
> potentially vulnerable public key on your profile to "Only Me" to limit
> further distribution.  We will continue to encrypt your notification
> emails using this OpenPGP public key.
> This is doubly weird since the private/public key was generated on a
> Yubikey-4 nano and it is safe at home.  Does anyone know what this may
> be about?
Some versions of the YubiKey 4 were affected by the ROCA
vulnerability, which caused weak keys to be generated.

I would say that is what the email is about.

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