Efficent batch fetching with verification?

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Sat Nov 4 11:45:22 CET 2017

On 03/11/17 21:06, Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> You missed xargs itself,

Actually, I did not :-).

> this mostly centers around the command-line
> length limit. I can get in about ~3200 fingerprints per GPG call.

I asked "what is exec'ing much". I don't see one exec every 3200
fingerprints as overhead at all.

In your other reply, you say the 100 ms exec overhead for these 3200
keyserver fetches is significant. But I see a lot of round trips to the
keyserver; I didn't check the docs, but it must not be fetching many
keys in every HKP request. Perhaps even just a single key per request.
That is 3200 round trips to a remote server. And then the data will be
checked: this means running expensive asymmetric crypto.

So how long does this one gpg with 3200 key fetches run for you, as wall
time, and as cpu time? TBH, I'm having a hard time believing the
starting up of gpg.exe is relevant.



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