GnuPGv2 & 'pinentry' on Linux w/ remote access

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Tue Nov 7 12:14:59 CET 2017

On Mon,  6 Nov 2017 22:49, gnupg-users at said:

> It's rather cumbersome and very dodgy at least. How do others deal with
> this? Or is everyone using GPG solely in GUI environments nowadays? ;)

If I want to test the curses Pinentry I simply run

  DISPLAY= gpg ...

and get the curses pinentry even when using an xterm (which is my usual
environment). For example you could start mutt the same way

  DISPLAY= mutt 

and you get the curses.  Drawback is that you won't get an image viewer

Instead of using the envvar you could also invoke gpg like

  gpg --display=none ....

which sets the display to none and pinentry will fallback to curses.
Using "none" is not really correct but --display requires an option and
does not like an empty string.

It is also possible to write a pinentry which depends on the actual
program invoking gpg: gpg-agent tells pinentry the pid of the process
invoking gpg; e.g.

  OPTION owner=9798 wheatstone

The current develppment version of Pinentry uses this info on Linux to
to show the process name in the titlebar.



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