GnuPGv2 & 'pinentry' on Linux w/ remote access

Ryan Beethe ryan at
Tue Nov 7 19:59:23 CET 2017

Well... it happens that when I copy your script to my archlinux machine,
everything works fine.

It also happens that when I copy your script into my ubuntu machine, I
had to change both references of `gpg` to `gpg2`, since in ubuntu gpg is
not the same program as gpg2.  I also would find it convenient to add a
`--default-recipient-self` to the `gpg2 -ea` line, but maybe that's just
me.  If the same change works for you, perhaps you have an
"alias gpg=gpg2" in your ~/.bashrc, causing your shell to behave
differently that vim?

Personally, I use a plugin ( and I
have never had problems.  Then in my ~/.vimrc, I just had to set:

    let GPGUsePipes=1
    let GPGDefaultRecipients=[' at']


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