a bunch of questions

charlie derr cderr at simons-rock.edu
Fri Nov 10 06:27:22 CET 2017

Please forgive me for piling several questions into a single post. If
anyone wants to just answer a subset, I'll still be very happy to read
your advice.

I believe that the key I'm signing this message with is 2048 bits and
will expire next year. If I've got either of those details wrong, please
correct my error(s).

I would like to generate a new key (which never expires) and begin to
transition to using it. Mostly I sign messages, but occasionally I
receive encrypted messages from friends. I hope that in the future I
will use gnupg more.

What size key do you recommend I create in order to be future proof (for
the rest of my life -- I'm in my early 50s)?

I believe that the master key for the subkey I'm currently using will
also expire next year. How would I go about confirming/refuting that

I currently use gnupg with two different email accounts (this one and a
gmail address) and I use different mail clients for each: thunderbird
with enigmail here and claws-mail (and whatever debian gnupg plugin is
appropriate for claws) with gmail. How can I set things up so that I can
switch back and forth between two keys (for signing) until this one
expires in 2018?

I'm on debian 9 stretch on two different computers with this setup.

   thanks so very much in advance for any answers (or pointers to
appropriate documentation),
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