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On 14/11/17 15:08, Smith, Cathy wrote:
>  Is there a way to determine the key length and the type of key (RSA or other) used when generating  the keyring?  I have a RHEL 5 box using gpg 1.4.5 where I need to determine how a key ring was generated.    Even on an Ubuntu box using gpg2, the -list-secret-keys option does not print out that information.

Gnu PG 1.4.5 was released in 2006. You should not use software so old,
especially cryptographic software. In that time, a lot of _known_ bugs
accumulate in nearly all pieces of software, including security

Using “--list-keys” should display the information you want. It works
that way since as far as I have used it, and definitely including 2.0.

mario at svetlana [0] [/home/mario/hacking/hol]
$ gpg --list-keys 'mario'
pub   rsa3072/0642D919 2017-08-02 [SC] [expires: 2020-08-01]
uid         [ultimate] Mario Castelán Castro
sub   secp256k1/B92640D9 2017-08-02 [S] [expires: 2020-08-01]
sub   secp256k1/69F40765 2017-08-02 [E] [expires: 2020-08-01]

Here “rsa3072” and “secp256k1” are the key types. The RSA main key is
3072 bits long, as the string suggests. Some key types are fixed size
(for example, secp256k1 is always 256 bits long).

If you are still unable to find the key type, paste the output of “gpg
--list-keys <QUERY>” (where <QUERY> is something used to narrow the
results. e.g.: the holder e-mail or part of his name).

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Well, then I feel very fortunate to NOT to live in the US. ☺

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