Using the OpenPGP Card on Unix && Win7

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> I killed a running SmartCard Service on Win7 and tested GnuPG on a
> Cygwin command line. It says:

Cygwin - I would not suggest to use this.  We have no idea on whether
the RNG does what we want it to do.  The IPC mechanism and
descriptor/handle passing may have surprising effects .

There is a new gnupg 2.2.3 installer available, I better use that

> $ gpg --card-status --debug-all --debug-level guru 

Smartcard access is done by scdaemon.  Thus you have to modify or
create scdaemon.conf: 

  log-file tcp://192.168.x.y:42042
  debug ipc,cardio

The tcp line is what I use to debug on Windows.  On my Unix box I run

  watchgnupg --time-only --tcp 42042

so that I can work with the logs without resorting to strange Windows
tools.  After changing scdaemon.conf you should kill scdaemon; gpg-agent
will start it as neede.  Tetsing with gpg is okay, but you can also use

and then enter

  scd help

to see all commands supported by scdameon.  The "scd " prefix simply
routes the rest of the command to scdaemon.

  scd help serialno

shows you help for scdaemon's "serialno" command. 

  scd serialno

and runs the command which select the "best" appliication on the current
card.  If the OpenPGP card does not work, try you banking card - there
is a simple application for the "Geldkarte" included.



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