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>What’s up 



    toward the sky or a higher position:
    "he jumped up" · [more]

    synonyms: up · higher · uphill · upslope · to the top · skyward ·
    heavenward to the place where someone is:
    "Dot didn't hear Mrs. Parvis come creeping up behind her"

    at or to a higher level of intensity, volume, or activity:
    "she turned the volume up" · [more]

    into the desired or a proper condition:
    "the mayor agreed to set up a committee"


    from a lower to a higher point on (something); upward along:
    "she climbed up a flight of steps"


    directed or moving toward a higher place or position:
    "the up escalator"

    in a cheerful mood; ebullient:
    "the mood here is resolutely up"

    (of a computer system or industrial process) functioning properly:
    "the system is now up"

    at an end:
    "his contract was up in three weeks" · [more]


    a period of good fortune:
    "you can't have ups all the time in football"


    do something abruptly or boldly:
    "she upped and left him"

    cause (a level or amount) to be increased:
    "capacity will be upped by 70 percent next year"

    lift (something) up:
    "everybody was cheering and upping their glasses"

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