Smartcard not seen when reinserted

Franck Routier alci at
Sun Oct 1 18:37:46 CEST 2017


I have a problem where my OpenPGP smartcard is not recognized when I
remove it from the reader and reinsert it.

Moreover I like to remove the card and reinsert it when needed, as when
used for authentication with Poldi, I'm only asked for the PIN once, and
then the PIN is cached (at the smardcard level if I am to believe this

My problem when reinserting the card seems to be very similar to this , except I'm using a GemPC Twin
SmartCard usb card reader (ID 08e6:3437 Gemalto (was Gemplus)).

Restarting gpg-agent with gpgconf --kill gpg-agent does the trick but is
far from ideal... the solution should be to use scd-event, if I
understand the thread well.

So here are my (quite unrelated) questions:

1) is there a way to be asked for the PIN on each authentication
operation ? (fellowship openpgp card)

2) where is scd-event supposed to be located to be used ? ($GNUPGHOME is
not assigned on my ubuntu system)

3) the example scd-event is full of... examples I don't really
understand. Would someone be as kind as to give the magic that would
make the card recognized on reinsert...

I'm sorry for not being more autonomous on this, but I couldn't make my
way through the docs :-(

Best regards,


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