Mario Castelán Castro marioxcc.MT at yandex.com
Fri Oct 13 00:29:51 CEST 2017

Despite the bulk of your message, the only attempt at an argument is
“English is an evolving language”. The rest is completely irrelevant.

That English is a changing language is not a justification to misuse
words. The word “Linux” meant a kernel when it was introduced to
informatics and it still does. The observation that one, some, many, or
all people use a linguistic construct in an incorrect way do not change
the fact that it is incorrect. Other examples: “try and” (when it should
be “try to”), “wanna”, “gotta”, “electric current flows” (current may
flow; but most of the time this is erroneous and the phrase should be
“charge flows”).

If you reply with another iteration of the same fallacy or irrelevant
comments, I will ignore your message.

Do not eat animals; respect them as you respect people.

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