Please, I can't open a gpg folder

Silvio Arnone lacoste_bo at
Mon Apr 2 12:00:43 CEST 2018

Good morning,
Please, I have a serious problem with a folder encrypted using "gpg" on Linux Mint 18.3 amd64: I have been encrypting a folder and changed the name adding the date:
- Original name = .Bilancio.tar.gz.gpg
- New name = 31.12.2017.Bilancio.tar.gz.gpg
Today gone to get it on a fresh install of Linux Mint, started the process after renaming the file to the original name but can't get it, comes out an empty file named " ?S- (invalid encoding) ".
Please, do I have any hope to get my file back?

Thank you for reading
Silvio Arnone
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