Backup .gnupg using git

Wink Saville wink at
Sat Apr 21 18:32:18 CEST 2018

I created a master key and three subkeys following instructions at [1].

I've backed up the secret keys using paperbackup with a modification
to add the sequence count to the backed up data so as to identify any qr-codes
that don't get decoded properly [2] and deleted the master secret key.

I then transferred the secret subkeys to a yubikey as per [3].

Finally I backed up .gnupg to github [4].

Then to restore the I clone the repo and change permissions to 700:

$ git clone git at ~/.gnupg
$ chmod 700 ~/.gnupg

And then insert the yubikey and get the card-status to retrieve the
stub secret keys have gpg functional.

$ gpg --card-status

Comments on the security of what I'm doing?


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