Can not decrypt and verify CD's

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On Thursday, April 26, 2018 4:36:59 PM CEST Liana Falchetti wrote:
> I work at a credit union that gets CD's with archived information on them
> that upon arrival need to be Decrypted and verified by the GnuPG software. 
> I have to say that I have never used GnuPG software for anything except
> Decrypting and verifying these particular CD's. This past week I went to 
> Tyr and decrypt one of the Cd's and now I can't get the Passphrase box to
> pop up in order the download the contents. I have tried absolutely
> Everything and anything I can think of including googling the error messages
> I am getting.  I have no idea what I did to get this to not work properly.
> We are actually on a Data center network or like a cloud environment, if you
> will, with our data processor and the first time the Kleopatra software
> Needed to be re-installed if what installed on the terminal server but I can
> not run CD's on the DCN and therefore, it was then put on my desktop.
> This is what it looks like, which looks normal to me.

Normal but outdated ;-) 

> But when I tried to Decrypt and verify the CD I always get this. I have
> tried to Certify and Import the keys and nothing is working.

This says (badly) that this file is not encrypted to the private key you have.
> Every time I try to Import keys:
> Could Not Determine the Certificate type of C:Program
> File/GNU/GnuPG/Kleopatra.exe.

Please update to Gpg4win-3.1.0 it's much better at detecting / importing 
certificates and allows you to import certificates by double click.

> I also have the private key, as well as, the passphrase. I did change the
> passphrase today to see if that would help but of course it didn't.

No, the error is that the file is not encrypted to your private key. Changing 
the passphrase won't help.

Kleopatra 3.1.0 should show an improved error and show you to which keys it is 
actually encrypted.

Alternatively you can open the command line (cmd.exe) and call
 "gpg --decrypt <thefile>" this will definetly show to which keys it is 

Best Regards,
Andre Heinecke

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