ERR 167804929 Permission denied / No rule to make target 'audit-events.h'

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Aug 21 16:28:13 CEST 2018

On Sat, 11 Aug 2018 09:49, kardan at said:

> $ gpg --debug-level=guru --recv-key 74A941BA219EC810

Instead of using that debug level (in any case use "--debug help" for
more specific levels) it would have been suffcient if you had used 

  $ gpg --verbose --recv-key 74A941BA219EC810

which shows you certain error messages from dirmngr directly in the gpg
output.  In particular a text like

> Jul 08 05:57:24 debian dirmngr[2574]: DBG: chan_5 -> S WARNING 
> tor_config_problem 0 Please check that the "SocksPort" flag
> "IPv6Traffic" is set in torrc

should have showed up.  I always assume that the first action on unknown
problems is to add -v or --verbose ;-)

> ###+++--- GPGConf ---+++###
> use-tor

[Which forces the use of Tor]

> 1.  is it hard to restore the error from 2.1.18 (where to start)

Did not try

> 2. how to fix: No rule to make target 'audit-events.h'

Unpack a fesh tarball and it will work becuase it is part of the

> 3. How does dirmngr connect when no tor circuit is available

With use-tor you should not be able to connect - I have not read through
your log though.

> 4. Why does a foreground dirmngr does not show connections

dirmngr is intended to be started on the fly by gpg etc.  You may also
start that using

  gpgconf --launch dirmngr

or by connecting to the dirmngr interface with

  gpg-connect-agent --dirmngr

> 5. How to enable "DBG: [not enabled in the source]"

That is for benchmarking.  You need to add


to the configure call - either for gnupg or with newer libgpg-error
versions with that.

> 6. Where's the database to look up ERR 167804929

$ gpg-error --desc 167804929
167804929 = (10, 32769) = (GPG_ERR_SOURCE_DIRMNGR, GPG_ERR_EACCES) = (Dirmngr, Permission denied)

(for some error codes --desc shows notes on the use of that error)

> 7. How can I change the timeout?

grep for timeout in the dirmngr man page.



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