Garbled data in keyservers

Wiktor Kwapisiewicz wiktor at
Thu Dec 6 11:09:04 CET 2018

>> But that "little program" would have to download the entire dump and
>> provide search feature itself, making it non-trivial for most users.
> I don't think so...


> WARNING: this may break easily and is intended for use only on linux

> *Notice:* This Program is very slow to add data to the gpg pubkey so dont plan
on super large files.

I don't think a lot of users use this or would use this. It's more convenient
and easier to store data somewhere else (pastebins?).

Also, storing blobs is not a unique problem of keyservers, one can store it in
Certificate Transparency logs by issuing certs from Let's Encrypt or in Bitcoin
blockchain or even X.509 timestamping services. It would be slow and
inefficient, that's why practically no-one misuses it.

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