gpg2: unable to use secret key from OpenKeychain

justina colmena justina at
Sun Dec 9 05:03:50 CET 2018

This is the error message I get in gpg2 with (my own) key. GnuPG 2.2.9~11 gives me no indication that anything is wrong with the key until I am prompted for the passphrase, and then even the correct passphrase is rejected.

Please enter the passphrase to unlock the OpenPGP secret key: 
    "justina colmena <justina at>"
    3072-bit RSA key, ID D514FB3FDF44BDA4,
    created 2018-10-27 (main key ID 6B4FF696F20E3CC5).

Bad Passphrase (try 2 of 3)

Passphrase: ___________________________

    <OK>                                    <Cancel>

I have no problem unlocking the secret key or setting or changing its passphrase in gpg1, but I have no idea how to import or use the secret key in gpg2.

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